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Mr Evans wrote: Traction Man with Year 2
Year 2 have been looking at a book called "Traction Man" by Mini Grey.Today we used some props to retell parts of the story. (More)
Mr Evans wrote: Today in PE
[su_carousel source="media: 307,306,305,304,303,302" width="2000" height="450" title="no"] Today in PE we were looking a different points of balance. We worked in Pairs and small teams to make different numbers using there body. Can you guess how (More)
Mr Evans wrote: Fire Safety with year 2
Thank you for Ormskirk fire station for coming to visit year 2 today to talk about Fire Safety. (More)
Mr Evans wrote: Our Trip to Martin Mere
[su_carousel source="media: 293,292,291,290,289,288,287,281,282,283,284,285,286,279,278" width="820" height="300" title="no"] Yesterday we went on a trip to Martin Mere we had great fun and we learnt about the swan migration and mammals. We also f (More)
Mrs Belger wrote: Habitats
We have been investigating habitats. We each had an animal and had to find a good habitat for it on our playground. What do you think? Did we make good choices? (More)
Mrs Belger wrote: Science Day
We had a fabulous time during Science Day. We were looking at investigations from rolling to sinking. (More)