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Mrs Will wrote: Knowsley Safari Park
 After counting the sleeps until our trip all week, finally, Friday arrived. Very excitedly we got on to the coach. We when we arrived we went around the safari park on the coach. We spotted rhinos, rhea, deer, antelopes, camels, baboons, bison (More)
Mrs Will wrote: Mini-beasts hunting.
The children knew exactly where to look for mini-beasts. They took their own pictures of them using the i-Pads. They tried to get up really close so that they got a good picture. Here a few pictures of what we found. We found lots of wo (More)
Mrs Will wrote: They are up and about
We have 8 chicks altogether. They are a different breed than previous years. Little black chicks that will grow up to be Black Rock chickens. They are now up and about.  (More)
Mrs Will wrote: They have arrived
After waiting for 3 days we came into school today to find that the eggs had started to crack. We patiently waited all morning, extremely excited, for the chicks to hatch out of the eggs but nothing happened. Then, during P.E, the first chick started (More)
Mrs Will wrote: Chinese New Year
First we watch a Chinese Dragon dance on the interactive white board and the children were mesmerized. They wanted to make their own dragon. We started by drawing Chinese symbols and pictures from the Chinese zodiac on material. This created the body (More)
Mrs Will wrote: Our treat
Reception worked as a team to earn marbles. Once they had collected 5 marbles they earned a treat. Then they voted on what they would like that treat to be. This is what we voted for. (More)
Mr Evans wrote: PE with Reception
We have been working in partners in PE to work on one of a sports core value of TEAMWORK. This week we looked at rolling. We started close together and then we challenged ourselves to see how far apart from our partner we could get but still b (More)
Mrs Will wrote: Rhyming
This week we have been rhyming. We have re-read 'Dinosaur Poo' guessing first and then finding the rhyming words. We have spotted the rhyming words using the 'Alphablocks' on CBeebies. We found cats, rats, hats and many more. Next week is all a (More)
Mrs Will wrote: The Gingerbread Man
This week we have shared the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We thought about how we could help him cross the river without being eaten by the fox. We made bridges and boats outside to help the Gingerbread man cross the river without getting wet or e (More)
Welcome to our new year. The children are all trying hard to learn all the new routines and rules of the classroom. We have had lots of fun meeting new friends.   (More)