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Mr Evans wrote: In our lesson today....
[su_carousel source="media: 240,238,236,234,233,232,230,228,227" width="1220" height="460" title="no"] Take a look at what we did today in our PE lesson with WLSSP. (More)
Mr Evans wrote: Today in PE
[su_carousel source="media: 307,306,305,304,303,302" width="2000" height="450" title="no"] Today in PE we were looking a different points of balance. We worked in Pairs and small teams to make different numbers using there body. Can you guess how (More)
Mr Evans wrote: Gymnastics with WLSSP
[su_slider source="media: 211,210,209,208,204,205,206,207,203,202" width="920" height="660" title="no"] Some pictures from this weeks lesson with WLSSP Gymnastics coach. (More)
Mr Evans wrote: Ultimate Frisbee
[su_slider source="media: 189,188,186,185,184,183" width="720" height="540" title="no"] This half term we have been learning a new game called Ultimate Frisbee. (More)
Mr Evans wrote: PE with Reception
We have been working in partners in PE to work on one of a sports core value of TEAMWORK. This week we looked at rolling. We started close together and then we challenged ourselves to see how far apart from our partner we could get but still b (More)